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Jorge Damian Alonso del Toro, artistically known as EbonyVoice, “El Duque de la Salsa” (The Duke of Salsa), was born on the 18 th of April in 1988 in Cayo Hueso, one of the neighborhoods of Havana Vieja in Cuba. He grew up surrounded by music and all the folklore that characterize the streets of Havana.

His passion for music began at six years of age, playing his first notes on a piano that was gifted to him by his mother and grandmother, Maria Caridad del Toro and Nieves Adelaida Pulido. Both of these women are the biggest inspiration for EbonyVoice to strive for greatness and reach his goals in not only his professional life but his personal life as well. At a young age, due to family struggles and the crime surrounding their current neighborhood, EbonyVoice, along with his mother and grandmother, moved to Santa Fe, Cuba. Santa Fe offered a more quiet and calm neighborhood in which to raise a child. Here EbonyVoice was quickly able to join the local cultural center, La Casa de la Cultura, where he first began to sing.
    When EbonyVoice was ten years old, he performed in front of more than 4,000 people and was selected for the opportunity to record, with other selected children, traditional songs of Cuba. The album was entitled, “Todos por Cuba” (Everyone for Cuba). After being a part of this project, EbonyVoice was certain that music was his passion. Along with other performers from dance and acting groups, EbonyVoice had the opportunity to perform and bring spectacular art to some of the struggling communities near Havana.

At just 12 years old, EbonyVoice was sought in order to participate in an urban project within the genres of Rap and Reggaetόn. With the group De la Calle (From the Streets), he collaborated and recorded with various artists of Hip Hop Cubano like Papo Records, Gente de Zona, EDYK, and many more.

Two years after the project with De la Calle, Papo Records reached out to a young 14 year old EbonyVoice, then known as “El Niche”, with the proposition of composing, singing, and recording various songs for the album, “Cabiosile”. This project would be worked alongside the group Este Habana and under the music label BIS Music.
    With 17 years of age EbonyVoice participated and took first place in “La Voz de Oro” (The Golden Voice), a contest organized by the renowned Cuban flautist and musical director of NG la Banda, Jorge Luis “El Tosco” Cortes. Here EbonyVoice was awarded the title of “La Voz de Oro” and dubbed “La Voz de Ebano” (The Ebony Voice).
    At 18 years old, EbonyVoice hit the big leagues! He received a call from Adalberto Alvarez asking him to join as a singer in his group, Adalberto Alvarez y su Son. EbonyVoice accepted the offer, humbled and honored to be part of one of the most popular salsa groups in Cuba.

This experience provided EbonyVoice with the opportunity to learn from and share the stage with some of the greatest figures in the field, the likes of Omara Portuondo, Bamboleo, Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco, to just mention some.

Full of ambition and determination, EbonyVoice left his beloved Cuba and settled in Barcelona, Spain. He was only 21 years old. There EbonyVoice joined Barcelona’s favorite salsa ensemble, Bloque 53, known today as Tromboranga. With this group EbonyVoice was able to travel many countries in Europe including; Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Tunisia. Throughout his travels EbonyVoice shared stages with great artists like Frankie Vazquez, Marcial Isturiz, La Familia Quintero, David Pabon, Ismael Miranda, Joaquin Poblet, and many more. EbonyVoice also has opened for artists the likes of Foncho, El Gitano del Bolero, Andy & Lucas, and others of the sort.
In Spain, EbonyVoice met his now wife and personal manager, Mónica Maestro. She was a huge supporter and motivator behind the start of his solo career and taking on the name, EbonyVoice.
When EbonyVoice had reached 26 years of age, Juan Magan, a popular Spanish artist, came with the opportunity of collaborating on a single. Together with one of the DJs from the group We Love Asere, David Campoy and the rapper ROFLOW, they created the song, “Bailando” (Dancing).

This single is one of the songs of the Electrolatino album, “El Origen”, by Juan Magan, under the music label Sony Music. This song has become one of the most played songs of the album. This song also became part of compilations in Spain such as GH14, MHYV, and Caribe Mix Portugal 2013. Having more than 1 million views on YouTube, “Bailando” has gained great attention and has been licensed by Sony and Universal companies alike.

EbonyVoice continued working hard and launched another single, “Pidiendo Más” (Asking for More).  Along with the collaboration of the DJ and producer Sr. Kokis, MMRecords, and Europa Music Entertainment, this song became one of the most played songs in Argentina, up there with artists like Juan Magan and Alex Aviño. “Pidiendo Más” has been nominated for three Latin Awards in the categories of Best Latin Song, Best Electromambo Song, and Best Pop Ballad, winning in the category of Best Electromambo Song.

His next hit, “Peré Pepé”,  was recorded in  collaboration with singer Negro Joya, and was included in the album, “Caribe Mix 2014”. This song was produced by Javi Luxe and was released with the record label Blanco y Negro.

In 2015, EbonyVoice became the face and star of an advertising campaign run by the global company IKEA, with advertisements broadcasting on national television in Spain. 

EbonyVoice shortly after also recorded the hit single, “Mete y Sácala” (Give and Take), under the Canadian label Farandula Records.

His new hit single, “Sonriendo” (Smiling), is a fresh and original musical presentation that will be part of an original album with all songs written by EbonyVoice. This album is to be recorded in the USA with arrangements and musicians from Puerto Rico, New York, and Miami. The single “Sonriendo” is currently a winner of Disco de Oro (Golden Record) in Spain with an award ceremony occurring in October 2016. In New York, the music video to “Sonriendo” has become the #2 Salsa Video of June 2016 (Top 10), #5 Playlist June 2016 (Top 20), and #2 Playlist July 2016 (Top 20).

On October 15, 2016 EbonyVoice was the recipient of the Award for Artistic Excellence by Premios Latinos Internacional at a gala in Spain. The single Sonriendo was awarded a Gold Record on October 21, 2016 on Radio Cunit 107.0 FM Spain by Jacqueline Castro Cepeda, president of Associació Hispano-llatina d’Artistes.

After more than a year of studio work, composing and recording his new CD, EbonyVoice- El Duque de la Salsa - fans can already enjoy the expected release and his new SALSA PAL'MUNDO proposal, with 10 songs, 8 of them of its own authorship and 2 versions of the great Maestros Juan Gabriel with the version in Salsa of ‘Ya Lo Sé Que Tú Te Vas’, licensed through Universal Mus. Publ. MGB Mexico S.A. (Universal Music Publishing SLU) and the second version in Salsa of Los Zafiros, with the song ‘He Venido’  licensed through Editora Musical de Cuba EMC.
It is a work, where the artist explores new ways of expression within the genre Salsa and demonstrates his growth as composer, author and arranger of his own songs and versions.